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The celebration of nature and its potential, a wild world ruled by elements. Algem Supreme Nature is made of high quality ingredients, flavors and scents that bring us on an around-the-world trip; exclusive supplements based on thorough nature-based research becoming pure wellness.

Our latest products

Ashwagandha gummies promote deep relaxation thanks to a combination of Sensoril®, lavender essential oil and anti-anxiety natural ingredients.
The importance of Sensoril®:
Supreme Nature Ashwagandha gummies contain 200mg of Sensoril®, a multi-patented, standardized extract of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). Clinical studies have shown that this daily dosage can decrease by 50% symptoms related to anxiety and stress after 30 days of treatment.


New Zealand Manuka Honey gummies with antibacterial and soothing properties, containing Mauve and Hedge-mustard.

Sore throat and more…
Often related to the flu, sore throat can spread to your nose, larynx and tonsils. It is important to prevent the spread of the infection by using our 500MGO Manuka gummies. The formula also contains natural extracts and N-acetylcysteine and can be used whenever needed or throughout winter season.

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