Residue free Botanicals

The first Italian Vertical Farm for phytotherapeutic supplements

Imagine taking supplements containing botanicals with the same exact quantity of active ingredients in each production cycle. Imagine if these ingredients were residue free, made in Italy, free of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides and 100% free of heavy metals (nickel, lead, etc …). Thanks to our new technology, today it is possible!

Emission free

Our greenhouse (called “phytotron”) is 100% powered by photovoltaic energy and the ideal climatic conditions are reproduced to allow the plant to grow far from contaminations and adverse atmospheric agents. We harvest our botanicals during their balsamic time, in order to obtain a specific and high percentage of active ingredients adapted to our needs.

Vertical Farm
Standard Farm
Pesticides free
Fungicides free
Soil used
Water used
Genetic control
Active ingredients control
Harvest during balsamic time
Free form contaminants
Heavy metal free
Locally produced

A perfect botanical, residue free.

Our botanicals have genetic characteristics constantly monitored from seeds/bulb DNA (through molecular biology techniques) to the plant harvest. This ensures that all the specific genetic traits of the botanical are maintained during its growth. Thanks to our protocols, they grow far from external contaminations, avoiding hybridization phenomena most frequent in open field cultivations.

Residue Free.

Our botanicals are completely isolated from the external environment and therefore from possible contaminations that could impair their quality. The staff has access to the Vertical Farm through an anti-chamber in which the technicians wear sterilized clothing.


Thanks to our approach and to our innovative protocols we are the only industrial entity in nutritional supplements claiming residue and heavy metal free (lead, arsenic, cadmium, nickel, etc…).

Controlled Supply Chain

During a cultivation process, from sowing to harvest, many steps take place that can deteriorate the quality and the quantity of active ingredients obtained. For example, between the harvest phase and the extraction of active ingredients a considerable amount of time elapses and the phytocomplex integrity is compromised.
Similar problems can occur when raw materials undergo long journeys before arriving to destination (because of shipment conditions too). Thanks to the local management of storage and extraction, combined with our working processes, the “plant stress” has been reduced at minimum.

Our organic algae

 Our algae

In case of algae or microalgae the cultivation method makes the difference between a product with high quality or a potentially dangerous one. In particular Spirulina acts as a sort of “sponge” absorbing every substance contained in its growing environment. This characteristic make it particularly exposed to pollutants and heavy metal contaminations (lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic…)

 An italian product

It is increasingly common to find low cost micro-algae in supplements, they are usually from countries where Spirulina is cultivated in open outdoor pools (in particular China and India). This method of cultivation is potentially dangerous for our health because seaweeds are “bio accumulators”, making this supplement potentially dangerous for our health. In addition, long shipments and an incorrect storage can damage the raw materials destroying active ingredients, minerals, vitamins and aminoacids.

Biological agriculture

As for botanical extracts, we use renewable energy heated greenhouses for the daily production of spirulina algae. Production takes place on site to avoid any possibility of product deterioration with a very low impact on the environment.

Available products


50 tablets
Joint pain, menstrual pain.


50 tablets
Immunitary defense, antioxidant.


45 capsules
Anxiety, insomnia, depression.


50 tablets
Nausea, cardiovascular well-being.

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